Wildlife control is specialty work, and every job is different. There's no one-price-fits all option. To get a free price quote over the phone for your wildlife situation, call us at 951-326-1827 and describe your animal issue, and we can give you a phone estimate. Factors that can affect price include:

  • Type of animal and number of animals
  • Location of animals (yard, or in attic?)
  • Number of trap setups we will need to use
  • Amount of animal damage repairs needed
  • Size of house, extent of inspection needed
  • Potential dangerous roof or animal factors
  • Do you need animal waste and odor cleanup?
  • Driving distance to your property

Menifee trapping We remove animals such as skunks, groundhogs, and more from under sheds and porches and relocate them at least 10 miles away from the capture site. Skunks can be a huge nuisance when they decide to make themselves comfortable in your yard. They forage in gardens and rubbish, dig holes in an attempt to feast on insects, and for poultry owners, they pose a threat to chickens and their eggs. These creatures may dig under your house as well, thus causing damage to your home and its wiring. When deciding on methods to get rid of skunks on your property, we understand that there’s a risk of being sprayed, therefore plan accordingly. We use the following methods to get rid of these animals humanely; We can build a fence around your property because these critters are not good climbers. A fence can act as a barrier to them scavenging on food such as fallen fruit in your garden. However, a motivated critter can dig under the fence, thus we bury several inches of fence in order to deter them from accessing your property. The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks recommends using wire mesh with openings of 5 cm or less, and stakes between 1.5 and 1.8 m high. We can also put motion activated flood lights because they often startle the animals and scare them off. Another choice is sprinkling your fence with natural repellents such as cayenne pepper so as to prevent them from digging under and gaining access to your yard or property.