Should you breathe or touch opossum feces?

Feces of any animal is unpleasant. They look visually disgusting, and the smell is just unbearable. Therefore, no one wants them in their sight as it grosses them out. However, do you know there are certain animals whose feces can be harmful to you? Therefore, you’ll have to be extra careful if you spot these animal feces as they are hazardous even to breathe in.

Are opossum feces dangerous?
Opossum feces are extremely dangerous to us as they carry a strong smell which is extremely bad and can certainly make you vomit. However, above all of this, their feces carry many parasites that can bring health issues for you. Even smelling the feces is dangerous as it may damage your respiratory tract. Even so that these feces are dangerous to human eyes. Some of the key diseases they may carry are as follows:

Hepatitis A – If you touch opossum feces or come in contact with them involuntarily, you should rush to the doctor immediately. There are high chances that you might get affected with Hepatitis A. The virus can get into your bloodstream through various means and could destroy your liver. Therefore, if you spot any feces around your property or house, you should take proper precautionary measures to avoid contact. You should wear full-sleeve clothing, gloves, and even goggles. The urine can get into your body through your eyes and may infect you.

Rabies – It’s one of the most commonly carried diseases by rodents. Coming in contact with an infected animal can transfer the disease to you. Therefore, when infected animals excrete, their feces will also have parasites in them, and they can be equally deadly to us. Therefore, staying clear of the opossum’s feces is important.

Salmonella and Leptospirosis – These are another set of diseases that can be transmitted if you come in contact with opossum’s diseases. If you accidentally come in contact, it’s important that you wash your skin right away. Also, you should consult a doctor right away to check if you’ve been infected or not.

Breathing the air around opossum feces can be dangerous as well. As the feces are exposed to open air, the parasites are released into the air. Therefore, when you breathe in the air, you can get the parasites in your lungs which can result in massive complications for you.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you are extra careful around feces of opossums. If you spot their waste often, it means you have an opossum infiltration, and you should get rid of them. You can deploy homemade techniques to get rid of them, or you can hire professionals for this purpose.

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